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MMC2 Linux Device Tree Configuration For SD CARD on ARM PART i

This blog is useful for ARM microprocessors running Linux Kernel versions 4.1.2-ti-r4 to 4.4.0. It could still be relevant for earlier kernel releases but earlier releases have not been tested.If your ARM microprocessor is running kernel's4.4.16-ti-rt and newer go to part II:MMC2 Linux Device Tree Configuration For ARM PART ii
Interfacing a second SD card reader to the Beaglebone Black I could not find any tutorials or guides in forums on how to interface another SD card to the beaglebone black, so I thought I'd share and show you how I got mine up and running.  I won't explain the device tree bindings in detail but you can use my solution as a reference.Firstly, my beaglebone black, at the time, was running the 4.1.2-ti-r4 Linux Kernel.  And I was interfacing Digilent's PmodSD: Full-sized SD Card Slot to the mmc2 lines of the microprocessor.The PmodSD reference manual can be found here.Schematics are always fun to look at: AM335x schematics